About Sharona

I am passionate about making jewelry.

I love every aspect of it - from choosing the stones, to designing the look, to making by hand each individual mala and one-of-a-kind piece from our collection.  I also believe in the beautiful energy of gemstones and how they can empower us.

It brings me so much joy to see how a client looks and feels while wearing a piece from my collection. To me, jewelry is like art for the soul. It is a way of expressing our individuality and personal sense of style. It is also important to me that every piece I create is not considered a trend or in fashion, but rather, a timeless piece of wearable art.

My passion began when I was a just little girl growing up in Bogota, Colombia.  My dad started a custom jewelry factory, called Industrias Inca and, from the time I was a little girl, I remember visiting him at work every chance I could get to experiment with the colorful beads and shiny bits.

A few decades later, I started my own jewelry-making studio in Toronto, Canada, where I design and hand-craft my jewelry collection ~ art for the soul.

To create the beauty and quality I envision for each piece, I source only the best materials that come from locations around the globe. Each precious and semi-precious stone is hand-picked and, then, hand-crafted at my studio in Toronto. 

I read somewhere that doing anything creative gets you into the zone, and that’s how it feels when I’m making jewelry.  It’s very meditative.  Time stands still and the creative process takes over.

I'm so happy to be able to bridge my passion for jewelry with my love for giving back. I believe that we're here to make a difference. This is why, at SharonWein Designs we donate 10% of the net profits from every purchase to different charities from around the world. Together, we hold the power to connect, inspire, and uplift one another.

SharonWein Designs aims to uplift others ~ from helping you feel beautiful in our jewelry creations to making a difference together through our charitable mission.

If you'd like to learn more about my passion for giving back, please visit our mission

Lots of love,