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About Sharona


Jewelry Designer, SharonaOne of the fondest memories I have from growing up in Bogota is when I got to go to work with my dad.


The first thing I did, as soon as I got to the factory, was to run to the room where the ladies were putting the finishing touches on the jewelry.  Some days they would glue tiny pearls to rings and others they would be working with shiny stones on earrings.  I loved it all.  And the best part, I got to sit down by their side and help out. It was so much fun.


To this day, that's what I love the most, to work with my hands.  From my home studio in Toronto, Canada, I get to sit in front of boxes and boxes of colorful gemstones and play.  The way I make my jewelry designs is the same way a painter works with a white canvas.  I try different things until a design is born.  That's why not two pieces are alike.


I also enjoy hunting for new gemstones and components to make the most unique styles.  It's important to me that the pieces that I make are loved for many, many years.  Trend is not something I'm after.  I prefer a timeless design that's original and well made.


Image of Sharona, Designer of Mala Beads

Everything at SharonWein Designs is made with love.  My jewelry bags are handmade out of recycled saris by a group of ladies who live outside Calcutta, India.  They're fun and colorful.  This micro company allows them to work from home and contribute financially to the household. 

I always wanted to connect my passion for jewelry with my love for giving back.  That's why I donate 10% of the net profits from every purchase to different charities worldwide.

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