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One of a Kind Necklaces

When I make one of my one-of-a-kind pieces, I'm pulling stones, trying different elements, adding and subtracting from the piece until it feels just right. Like a painter, I'm creating as I go.

This collection is where I get inspired. Here I combine different kinds of gemstones with other organic materials like silver, leather and silk. I start creating with the colors, textures and energies of the stones in mind. 

My intention is to create something truly beautiful and original...a piece of jewelry that, when you have it on, you feel like you’re wearing something unique and surprising - something that no-one else in the room is wearing.

If you'd like to know more about the energy of the stones, visit our Gemstone Properties 

If you'd like a piece made specially for you, please contact me. I would be honored to be able to work with you.